Kingfar Luxury Brand Solar Display Solutions

It‘s Kingfar newest solar rotating display stands of the luxury goods.

Maybe you knew or have bought some solar rotating display stand or other
rotating display products. But their products are very low, how can you bring
so cheap products used in your top brands or luxury shop stores?
“NO”, Please throw it away now.

Our rotary display stand products is a revolutionary type of innovative products, it does not need any battery power, you can directly load your watches less than 1,000g. also we can printed your brand logo on the base, High-end atmospheric grade, you can also customize yourself color, and the order quantity is not limited.

— If you are one of the top brands, such as Gucci, Cartire, LV, Dior, you can use a rotary turntable with a wooden base.

— If you are a fashion brands or products, in order to reduce the cost, you can use the acrylic base rotary table.

— If you are an ordinary brands, you can even use a more inexpensive of the plastic material base of the rotary table.

Customer service:
— we provide you 1 year warranty service and free design.

Our customers case:

Luxury watches

— Top Brand Glasses

— Jewelry


Watches Rotating Solar Display Stands:


Small Watch Rotating Solar Display

Watch Rotating Solar Display

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Medium Watch Rotating Display Stand

Watch Rotating Display Stand

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Large Watch Rotary Display Stand

Watch Rotary Display Stand

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Customer Case

blancpain tissot mido longines ck


Eyewear Rotating Solar Display Stands:


Large Sunglasses Rotating Solar Display

Sunglasses Rotating Solar Display

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Medium Eyewear Rotating Solar Display

Eyewear Rotating Solar Display

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small Glasses Rotating Solar Display

Glasses Rotating Solar Display

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addidas prada dakley dkny d&g

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Luxury Goods Rotating Solar Display Stands:


Small Jewelry solar rotating display

Jewelry solar rotating display

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Medium Perfumes Solar Rotating Display

Perfumes Solar Rotating Display

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Large Iphone Solar Rotating Display

Iphone Solar Rotating Display

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Customer Case

lvdior cartier tiffany&co. chanel


Solar Powered Outdoor Advertising Display:


Solar Solutions For Shop Window Advertising Display

Solar Solutions For Shop Window Advertising Display

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Solar Solutions For Large Outdoor Advertising Display

Solar Solutions For Large Outdoor Advertising Display

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Customer Case

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Comment from our customer

In a downturn, but our Sales have increase by more than 75 percent in recent years.
Kazue Abe, Global Marketing, Japan
It is very imprtant to buy the right product,and Kingfar solar display is what I am looking for.
Kelsey Brogan, Project Manager, USA
Good to know Kingfar solar display, thanks for your kind support in the past few years.
Brian Wright, Director, USA
The goods and designing are very beautiful.
Julien Grant, importer, Netherlands
Excellent help and support.
Magdalena Brzozowska, Partner, France
I am satisfied with your work and appreciated your promptness, honesty and professionalism.Keep up the good work!
Tomasz Jedwabny, Manager, Spain

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